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welcome... this is, a collection of musings, random thoughts, some pictures of me and my friends, and lots of my daughter, maddie, some links to favorite places on the 'net, and various sundry other things. have a look around, you might find something useful, or even interesting.

there isn't any rhyme or reason, this is a place for me to vent, post thoughts, comment on the mundane, quote verse, and sometimes share the very rare flashes of sheer, unadulterated genius. they can happen to anyone, even me.

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what's this tGo stuff all about? greatoz is the handle and/or "nick" that i've been using on the web for some time now, probably since 1997 or so, and tGo is an acronym for "the Great oz". i needed a screen name, had watched the wizard of oz on tv late the night before, and it seemed logical at the time...

so, why did I stick with greatoz? as it turns out, my professional focus turned to system administration, keeping all the bloody servers alive, and in the bad old days of the network control center, that was quite a feat.

in my life, i've always been the brash and loud alpha-male wannabe. as i grow older, however, i seem to be more and more of a "behind the scenes" kinda guy, quietly directing the show. this is true for both my personal and professional life - it just made (and still makes) sense to me.

with the internet explosion, it's nearly impossible to get a good 'nick, and since i grabbed up all the greatoz's i could at internet mail sites, not too mention my favorite web spaces, i'm sticking with it.

about two years ago, i shortened it to tGo, in an effort to have a "sig" that was both distinctive and unobtrusive. it certainly helps that it's kinda fly, too, don't you think?

in message boards, i'm greatoz, and in most games, you can find me as tGo, or tGo[ars].

: : :   misc stuff   : : :

at any rate, here's a few things you might find handy:

my q3a config file and it's launcher. also, my favorite mod, loaded, and my loaded and instagib cfg's. _all_ my server configs, batch files, motds, and map rotators are here.

a fairly lengthy junk senders (mail filter) file from outlook.

my winamp eqf and skin.

if you are a "true" geek, then you'll understand this:

Version: 3.12
GCM d-- s+:++ a- C++++ ULB++++$
P+ L+++ E--- W+++$ N++ o-- K- w++++
O---- M-- V-- PS-- PE+ Y+ PGP- t+ !5
X- R* tv b+++ DI+++ D+++G-- e* h++
r++/% y+ z++++(**)

go here to decode that gibberish.