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welcome... this is, a collection of musings, random thoughts, some pictures of me and my friends, and lots of my daughter, maddie, some links to favorite places on the 'net, and various sundry other things. have a look around, you might find something useful, or even interesting.

there isn't any rhyme or reason, this is a place for me to vent, post thoughts, comment on the mundane, quote verse, and sometimes share the very rare flashes of sheer, unadulterated genius. they can happen to anyone, even me.

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so, who am i? i'm still asking this question, but over the last year or so, some of the questions were answered and definitively so. some weren't, some never will be. things are more clear for me now. one defining truth is i love my daughter. everything else in this life is secondary to that fact.

her name is madeline jane, and i call her maddie. i even have pictures (and yes, i will bore you with pictures of my kid...). i'm 33. that in and of itself is amazing. i certainly don't feel old, and am amazed that i made it this far.

lemmesee, where to start, and not give away too much. i'm an IT professional, been doing this geeky stuff for over 14 years years now, and have experience with almost all aspects of the field.

that experience includes, but is not limited to, firewalling, information assurance, network security, dns, squid proxy server, cacheflow proxy, apache, e-mail, unix (solaris and hp-ux), linux (v2.2 and v2.4), and openbsd.

i also have extensive experience with winnt (workstation, server and advanced server), win2k (pro, server, and advanced server), winXP (pro only), ms cluster server, proxy 2.0, active directory, exchange (5.5 and 2k), win 9x and winME, as well as the ms office products.

i can't program, other than really basic shell scripts, and html. still working on mind don't seem to work "that" way. i'm especially good at troubleshooting and fixing the problems that no-one else can figure out, but even with that, i rely on technet and the ars openforum heavily.

i lived in northern california for nearly ten years. i'm not there anymore. if you really must know, here's what i look like.

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this is, obviously,, a site that I first created about three years ago, when i purchased the domain, and got a decent host. this is version 1.0.something-or-other. (see my changelog) - it's where i want it to be for now.

one goal core to is w3c standard(s) compliance, for both xhtml and css2. the w3c's validator service was invaluable in achieving this goal.

i've also registered with the icra, the internet content ratings accociation. while i may not be kid-safe, my website is.

i'm using coranto, a cgi / perl based content management system to maintain the front page. incidentally, the staff @ ars are also using this open source solution. i highly recommend that if you find yourself in the market for a cms, you give it a long, hard look.