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welcome... this is, a collection of musings, random thoughts, some pictures of me and my friends, and lots of my daughter, maddie, some links to favorite places on the 'net, and various sundry other things. have a look around, you might find something useful, or even interesting.

there isn't any rhyme or reason, this is a place for me to vent, post thoughts, comment on the mundane, quote verse, and sometimes share the very rare flashes of sheer, unadulterated genius. they can happen to anyone, even me.

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me and maddie

here be various photos - some of vacations i've been on, ars meets, and various holidays. they're here more for me than anything else - who likes looking at pictures of people you don't know?

vacation 2007

vacation 2007

christmas 2004

christmas gallery one

christmas gallery two

maddie's birthday 2004

maddie's birthday gallery

facepaint november 2004

facepaint gallery

halloween 2004

halloween gallery

maddie's pink dress, 17 may 2004

the gallery

the truck, 4 may 2004

bigfoot gallery

arizona trip, 26-28 dec 2003

arizona trip gallery

christmas, 2003

christmas gallery

halloween, 2003

halloween gallery

als graduation, 10 apr 2003

als graduation gallery one

the crew and big poppa pump, aviano, 12 feb - 10 mar 2003

the crew gallery one

the crew gallery two

the crew gallery three

a farewell to aviano, 7 and 8 mar 2003

farewell gallery one

16 aew moving day, 6 mar 2003

moving gallery one

tuzla ab, bosnia, 25-29 feb 2003

tuzla gallery one

tuzla gallery two

a-town trip, 29-30 jan 2003

a-town gallery one

a-town gallery two

a-town gallery three

venezia, 17 jan 2003

venice gallery one

venice gallery two

piancavallo death march, 11 jan 2003

piancavallo gallery

aviano 2002

aviano gallery

rhein mein 2002
eliza susanne 2002
indiana vacation 2002
monterey 2002 trip
madera class of 1991 reunion
thanksgiving 2001
network control center august 2001
new mexico trip summer 2001
easter 2001
ars meet summer 2000
desert vacation 1999-2000
house party 1999
misc images 2000-2001