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there isn't any rhyme or reason, this is a place for me to vent, post thoughts, comment on the mundane, quote verse, and sometimes share the very rare flashes of sheer, unadulterated genius. they can happen to anyone, even me.

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. . . requiescat in pace

. . .

jay brown, one of my best and only friends from middle and high school, died sunday in a climbing accident.

we lost track of each other over the years - to be honest, after school and that parting of the ways, i only heard that he was doing well...

but the world's a sad and grey place today.

sorry i picked on you, jay. glad you went out doing something you love. sleep well, brother.

more info and a tribute here.

. . . a giant leaves us

farewell George Carlin. personal hero, counter-culture comic. let's hope you were wrong about religion...

. . . who knew?

bo in the UK

. . . i come from a land down under

bo down under

. . . perfect quote!!!

every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats.

- h. l. mencken

. . . a new year

dawns in just a few hours...a whole new year. 365 days to paint however you want the canvas to look. may this year be a masterpiece.

all the best and brightest for you and yours.

. . . merry christmas

to all - near, far, close to my heart...all of you, and you know who you are. my buds, bro's, family, and most especially my daughter - maddie, daddy loves you VERY VERY much and hopes you have a wonderful Christmas.

living it up...

i'm good. for once, i'm good.

. . . can't. get. it. out.

of my head

and it's embarrassing...

"winter is here again oh lord,
havenít been home in a year or more
i hope she holds on a little longer

sent a letter on a long summer day
made of silver, not of clay
iíve been runniní down this dusty road

wheel in the sky keeps on turniní
i donít know where ill be tomorrow
wheel in the sky keeps on turniní

iíve been trying to make it home
got to make it before too long
i cant take this very much longer
iím stranded in the sleet and rain
donít think im ever gonna make it home again
the morniní sun is risiní
itís kissing the dayÖ"

. . . wow

i actually felt alive for a minute i awake and dreaming? must be...

. . . happy birthday, maddie

MY girl

i love you, baby girl...hope your day is as wonderful as you've made my life.

. . . happy thanksgiving

gobble gobble

eat up. gobble gobble.

and i didn't have fiver kernels of popcorn (you bolanders know what i'm talkin' bout) but my loved ones are in my thoughts and prayers - you're always on my mind.

. . . wonders never cease!

...another bomb dropped via snail-mail...amazing. simply heartbreakingly amazing.

. . . lately

i've been a bit cranky. can you tell? maybe it's because i missed the ggpc's inaugural GTG.

me lately

. . . tanked

at about 2300PST on 10 Nov - if you sent me an e-mail during that time frame, it's gone. resend, okay?

. . .

"we cross our bridges when we come to them and burn them behind us, with nothing to show for our progress except a memory of the smell of smoke, and a presumption that once our eyes watered."

- tom stoppard