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welcome... this is, a collection of musings, random thoughts, some pictures of me and my friends, and lots of my daughter, maddie, some links to favorite places on the 'net, and various sundry other things. have a look around, you might find something useful, or even interesting.

there isn't any rhyme or reason, this is a place for me to vent, post thoughts, comment on the mundane, quote verse, and sometimes share the very rare flashes of sheer, unadulterated genius. they can happen to anyone, even me.

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: : :   *nix   : : :

i've been a linux user since 1998, when i bought a copy of SuSE and installed on an extra hard drive. back in those days, the documentation on installing was sketchy at best, and it took rather more than a few tries to get it right.

i didn't like it all that much - so i switched to redhat, and have been faithful ever since. i've done a variety of "production" class installs, including

additionally, i've built and manage various linux boxes, some of which include a squid proxy / webalizer httpd and ftp log analyzer / apache webserver testbed and development box.

: : :   rdesktop mini-HOWTO   : : :

here's a link to the rdesktop mini-HOWTO i wrote out of pure frustration. it's pretty raw, and it's coded to html 3.2 standards, for backwards compatibility with older browsers. i've not submitted to the l d p, but i might. who nows? here it is in tar'ed and gzip'ed format.

: : :   resources   : : :

i was looking for something to do, and since i'm a linux user, why not share some of the things i've had to puzzle out on my own? i'll get to that in a minute, but first, let me mention the excellent linux documentation project. if you have a question, you can usually find your answers there.

there are also groups of linux users, called LUG's, and there is a very good chance that there is one in your area. for you east bay / sac area users, check out LUGoD, the Linux User's Group of Davis. they are well organized, and very active. There's also the NBLUG, but they're further than i care to travel.