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4. rdesktop Setup and Usage on linux

4.1 Download

Download the compressed tarball from

4.2 Configure and Install

Uncompress the downloaded file by typing "tar -xzvf rdesktop-1.1.0.tar.gz" (no quotes).

After extraction, change in to the newly extracted directory by entering "cd rdesktop-1.1.0" (no quotes). Then, enter "./configure" (again, no quotes) to set up the installation.

Next, we'll compile the software. To acomplish this, enter "make" and press return - the compiler will spew it's usual gibberish at you - this is valuable to a programmer, but beyond the scope of this document. Only be worried if you see an error.

Okay, so it compiled - to install rdesktop on your system, type "make install" (no quotes - do you see a pattern?) and it'll do it's thing.

4.3 Test It

This test asumes that you have a running terminal server on your network. To test the functionality of your newly installed software, type ./rdesktop "server", where "server" is the terminal server's hostname or IP address. The software should open a client session with your Terminal Server.

4.4 rdesktop Command Options

The following are available options for use with rdesktop:

Usage: ./rdesktop [options] server

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